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These notes were added in 2005.

1. Frames

Bertrand was a great opponent of frames — and with good reason! They are one of the less necessary (and more abused) features of HTML coding.

It was, therefore with some reluctance that I used them for this archive. They serve the function of trying to ensure that pages are always served with the caveats as to their archival nature.

One change that consequently was necessary on these pages was the editing of Bertrand's standard code in each page header —placed there to prevent pirating of pages:

<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- // I don't want to be framed
  if (top != self)
    top.location = self.location
<title>Bertrand Ibrahim's list of Libraries with Web pages</title>

Bertrand's own views…

2. Editing

Minimal editing has been carried out on the archived webpages.

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