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* Job offers within our research group
* Research activities of the group - (also in compressed version)
* Description of former activities in Computer Based Learning
* Group members
* General information on Visual Programming (WWW Virtual Library)
     - same, compressed version
* General information on Tcl/Tk (WWW Virtual Library)
     - same, compressed version
* Online courses (in French)

* List of publications in english - (also in compressed version)
* List of publications in french - (also in compressed version)
* The ROSA Reference Manual.

* CUI's library books on Visual Programming
* Articles available at B. Ibrahim's office

Local files:
* VP-SE group local documentation
* VP-SE group private documents (requires password)
* Documentation of "Projets Informatiques 93/94" (in french)

* Suggested diploma and licence subjects (in french)

* Reliable Software Technology's Reliability Hotlist
* la 3rd International Software Quality Week Europe (QWE'99)

* Some statiscs about our site on cui.unige.ch and on cuisung.unige.ch
* Secured access to this site

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