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Copyright, trademarks

The titles "The World Wide Web Virtual Library", "WWW Virtual Library", "WWWVL", "WWW-VL" and the book-and-globe logo pictured above are copyright © The WWW Virtual Library. They are also trademarks. All rights reserved.

All text and other content of pages covered by this copyright notice are copyright © The WWW Virtual Library. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to anyone to provide links to any page on the vlib.org site. Subject to the condition that these not be 'framed' links, in which vlib.org pages are presented as a frame within a page from another site.

For further information, or copyright licencing, please use the WWWVL feedback form.

Database Rights

The WWW Virtual Library also asserts its rights to database rights in addition to its rights under copyright, trademark, and other legislations.
Enquiries, as above.

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