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Aboriginal Studies Aboriginal Studies
Guide to aboriginal studies. This site is maintained in conjunction with the Center For World Indigenous Studies' (CWIS) Indigenous Studies WWW Virtual Library, which contains links to General Indigenous Studies Resources, as well as resources Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Central and South America, Europe and the Pacific.
see also: Aboriginal Languages of Australia.
this resource in English is indexed under: Peoples, Regional Studies.
American Indians American Indians
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet.
this resource in English is indexed under: Peoples, Regional Studies.
Jewish Studies Jewish Studies
The Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory is the gateway to 433 high-quality resources for the study of Judaism, including access to library catalogs and to databases like RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies.
see also: Religion.
this resource in English is indexed under: Humanities and Humanistic Studies, Peoples.

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